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High vis vests are an essential item on any work site. If you work in a zone that meets certain requirements, for example sites that operate heavy machinery, its legally required that workers wear high visibility clothing. Preventing unecessary accidents, high visibility clothing is such a simple step you can take to reduce accidents and ensure employee safety. 

These basic necessity items are a must have product, so browse below and find the perfect high vis items to keep yourself and your employees safe.

Why Are High Vis Vests a Legal Requirement?

High-visibility clothing is essential in the workplace, especially relatively dangerous work places such as construction sites, to ensure that you’re always seen. Particularly in instances of low lighting, high-vis clothing does a great deal to prevent accidents where they're avoidable.

It’s also a legal requirement for the employer to provide the workers with suitable, up to standard high visibility clothing. Being on a site and not wearing high-vis clothing can put you in danger, especially if other employees are trained to keep an eye out for the distinctive clothing. Not wearing it can make you easy to accidentally overlook, which then puts you at risk. 

If you have any further questions about the requirements and responsibilities surrounding hi-vis gear, contact us now and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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