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3 Point Full Body Harness | G-Force
3 Point Full Body Harness | G-Force
3 Point Full Body Harness | G-Force
3 Point Full Body Harness | G-Force

3 Point Full Body Harness | G-Force

Reference: GFP-50
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Product Purposes


This product can be used to reduce the risk of falls while working on scaffolding.

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Product Code Maximum User Weight Suitable for Conforms to EN Standard Certification Supplied Inspection Period (From date of first use) Life Span Price
GFP-50140kgFall Arrest, Restraint & Work PositioningEN 361:2002 & EN 358:1999 Declaration of ConformityEvery 12 Months10 Years from Date of Manufacturer£50.29

The G-Force P50 2-Point Full Safety Harness stands out as a reliable and indispensable safety equipment designed to provide optimal protection in various scenarios. Equipped with both a rear anchor point and a front chest anchor point, this harness ensures secure and balanced restraint, catering to the diverse needs of users engaged in different activities.

The inclusion of a work positioning belt enhances safety and functionality, delivering an additional layer of stability and control, particularly when working at elevated heights. Offering versatility, the harness is fully adjustable, catering to different body sizes and individual preferences. This not only prioritizes safety but also maximizes comfort and ease of use for the wearer.

Product Features:

  1. Rear Anchor Point: Ensures a secure connection and balanced restraint.
  2. Front Chest Anchor Point: Provides additional anchoring for varied activities, enhancing overall safety.
  3. Work Positioning Belt: Adds an extra layer of stability and control, particularly beneficial when working at heights.
  4. Fully Adjustable: Accommodates diverse body sizes and user preferences, optimizing comfort and ease of use.

Conforms to Safety Standards: Complies with rigorous safety standards, including EN361, EN358, and CE, attesting to its adherence to European safety regulations.


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