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Climbing without a harness can be dangerous - fortunately, we have a range of high-quality harnesses for climbing for sale at reasonable prices! Our climbing harnesses are ergonomically designed to keep you safe AND comfortable the next time you're climbing, abseiling, bouldering, or carrying out any other activity at height! Our climbing harnesses are ideal for both novice and experienced climbers. 

To order your climbing safety harness, choose from the following products: 

Adventure Harness
£59.98 inc VAT£75.00 inc VAT
Work Positioning Comfort Harness
£160.78 inc VAT£278.70 inc VAT

Abseiling & Climbing Harnesses

Each climbing harness we sell is specifically designed to protect you from accidental falls or injuries without sacrificing your comfort or range of movement. These specially-chosen harnesses are ideal for rock climbing, abseiling, and other sport/leisure activities where there's a risk of falling.

Safety Harness Direct is a specialist supplier of climbing harnesses and other height safety equipment. If you're not sure which product to order, or if you have any questions about the safety harnesses we offer, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you need harnesses for climbing or abseiling, look no further than Safety Harness Direct. We work with a number of trusted suppliers to bring you the most reliable climbing harnesses on the market - plus we offer quick delivery all orders!

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