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Evacuation Harnesses & Emergency Rescue Equipment

Evacuation Harnesses & Emergency Rescue Equipment

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When it comes to rescues and emergency evacuations, it’s absolutely vital that you have safety equipment that you can trust. All of these evacuation harnesses and stretchers were selected for this category because they’re durable, reliable, and suitable for a range of rescue situations. The rescue harnesses you see here are ergonomically designed to offer full-body support.

There is a wide range of different evacuation harnesses to choose from, varying in their design, colour, and dimensions.

Choose from the following rescue / evacuation equipment:

Rescue and Evacuation Equipment

When it comes to rescue and evacuation scenarios, it’s quite often a case in which an individual’s life is at stake. In these kinds of situations, it’s imperative that all individuals, both the rescuer and the person receiving aid, are well supported.

It’s also important that an individual is extremely comfortable as well as secure, particularly if the individual in need of rescue has sustained some type of injury. These harnesses are ergonomically designed to be comfortable, and to evenly distribute weight across the body.

If you have any questions about how to use our rescue equipment, or what type of equipment is best suited to your particular needs, reach out and contact the Safety Harness Direct team today, and we’ll do all we can to answer your questions.

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