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Work Situation - Inclined Plane

Work Situation - Inclined Plane

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When working at height on an inclined plane, it’s essential to ensure you have the right height safety equipment for the job. For work on an inclined plane, there are a wide variety of different safety systems you could implement, such as fall restraint and fall arrest systems. The selection of safety equipment below are all suitable for use on inclined plane environments.

Browse our selection of incline plane safety equipment:

What Is an Inclined Plane?

An inclined plane is a work environment that is slanted at an angle. A good example of an inclined plane is a roof - it’s possible to stand on but the surface is uneven and presents a higher risk possibility of a fall.

Not the right work environment? If you’re not anticipating to be working on an inclined plane, you might be looking for equipment for a horizontal plane instead.

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