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RIDGEGEAR Safety Equipment

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The self-proclaimed pioneers of height safety, RIDGEGEAR is a UK based safety equipment manufacturer producing products such as lanyards, carabiners, and harnesses. Since its foundation in 1998, RIDGEGEAR has been on a mission to provide the workers of the UK with quality, reliable safety equipment that they can trust to keep them safe when working at height.

With over 160+ RIDGEGEAR products available from Safety Harness Direct, you’re bound to find the right tool for your needs; browse the extensive range available below.

Featured Product25l Backpack
£34.74 inc VAT£41.52 inc VAT
Front & Rear D Harness
£41.98 inc VAT£72.00 inc VAT
Best SellerRear D Harness
£46.78 inc VAT£64.00 inc VAT
Ladder Restraint Lanyard
£50.10 inc VAT£68.77 inc VAT
Single D Restraint Belt
£53.98 inc VAT£76.11 inc VAT
Adventure Harness
£59.98 inc VAT£75.00 inc VAT
Featured ProductIPAF Restraint MEWP Kit
£59.98 inc VAT£92.00 inc VAT
Twin D Restraint Belt
£65.94 inc VAT£96.92 inc VAT
50l Backpack
£69.58 inc VAT£104.65 inc VAT
Basic Height Safety Kit
£76.50 inc VAT£105.00 inc VAT
Scaffolders Harness Kit
£83.98 inc VAT£120.00 inc VAT
Front, Rear & Side D Harness (4 point)
£87.58 inc VAT£120.00 inc VAT
Rope and Rescue Bag
£89.70 inc VAT£129.74 inc VAT
Sale-Test2.5m Webbing Fall Arrest Block
£91.14 inc VAT£120.00 inc VAT
Finch 2m Work Positioning Lanyard
£97.50 inc VAT£132.00 inc VAT
Finch 5m Work Positioning Lanyard
£106.14 inc VAT£152.35 inc VAT
Wire Pole Strap
£110.34 inc VAT£257.94 inc VAT
Utility multi purpose Pole Strap
£117.30 inc VAT£150.00 inc VAT
Finch 10m Work Positioning Lanyard
£122.70 inc VAT£196.51 inc VAT
Work Positioning Comfort Harness
£160.78 inc VAT£278.70 inc VAT
3.3m Defender Fall Arresr Block - Wire
£219.58 inc VAT£370.10 inc VAT
5m Webbing Fall Arrest Block
£299.98 inc VAT£505.85 inc VAT
9m Defender Fall Arrest Block - Wire
£304.50 inc VAT£492.99 inc VAT
Featured Product 6m Wire Fall Arrest Block
£339.30 inc VAT£585.00 inc VAT
10m Wire Fall Arrest Block
£409.74 inc VAT£653.00 inc VAT
CLiC-iT Twin Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard
£419.98 inc VAT£794.12 inc VAT
20m Defender Fall Arrest Block - Wire
£441.30 inc VAT£724.12 inc VAT
15m Wire Fall Arrest Block
£521.98 inc VAT£800.65 inc VAT
15m Wire Fall Arrest & Rescue Block
£748.38 inc VAT£1,206.34 inc VAT
Rescue Tripod
£911.98 inc VAT£1,362.78 inc VAT
Tripod Kit c/w RGA4, RGR1 & RGA4B
£1,685.98 inc VAT£2,960.38 inc VAT
6m Defender Fall Arrest Block - Wire
£256.78 inc VAT£415.15 inc VAT


RIDGEGEAR provide a wide variety of different lanyards, harnesses, and carabiners for different at height environments, such as fall arrest, fall restraint, and rescue scenarios. They also have a variety of adventure gear for recreational climbing and high ropes activities.

With such a wide variety of options, it’s no wonder they’re such a well trusted and respected brand. Safety Harness Direct is proud to be a distributor of RIDGEGEAR products, and provide our customers with durable and trustworthy quality safety equipment. If you want to find out more about the Safety Harness Direct suppliers or any of our product range, contact our team today for more information. 

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