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Keep out of dangers reach with our adjustable lanyards. Designed to be used alongside our top-quality harnesses, these adjustable lanyards will keep you away from falling hazards and prevent any potential injury. Adjustable lanyards can be fitted between a harness and anchor point and then adjusted to restrict the range of movement of the wearer, keeping them away from dangerous areas. No matter what circumstances you find your self in, our adjustable lanyards can be relied upon to keep you safe.

Keep Safe With Adjustable Lanyards

Similar to other lanyards such as restraint lanyards, adjustable lanyards keep you safe from injury by restricting movement to stop the wearer moving into hazardous areas. They are excellent at preventing accidents and injury risks before they have a chance to occur. If you want to find out more about our adjustable lanyards can prevent accident and injury, contact us now. 

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