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Seat Harnesses

Seat Harnesses

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Seat harnesses, sometimes also referred to as sit harnesses, are incredibly versatile safety harnesses. Their intelligent design means that they allow you to sit comfortably when working, which means that seat harnesses are ideal for work positioning systems. Their ergonomic design also distributes weight in the event of a fall, which also makes them good harness options for fall arrest systems.

There are many different options when it comes to seat harnesses, so browse the selection available from Safety Harness Direct down below.

When Can I Use a Seat Harness?

Seat harnesses are incredibly versatile, and are used by a wide range of different people in lots of different environments. In construction contexts, they can be used as part of fall safety systems. They can also be used recreationally by climbers. Anywhere that you need to work at height for long periods of time, a seat harness will provide you with comfort and security.

If you have any questions about how you can use a seat harness and whether or not it’s the right harness option for you, reach out and contact our team here at safety harness direct.

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