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Fire Resistant Safety Harnesses

Fire Resistant Safety Harnesses

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When you're working around fire hazards, it's important to purchase the right equipment to keep you safe. In some construction scenarios, workers are exposed to molten materials, open flames and sparks while working at height. Our flame-resistant safety harnesses are designed to keep you safe no matter what circumstances you find yourself in!

To order your fire-resistant harness, please choose from the following products:

Why choose a fire-resistant safety harness?

There are many professions that might require you to work around fire hazards. In these circumstances, a normal safety harness might not provide the right level of protection. Our flame-retardant harnesses are ideal for these situations - they won't be damaged when exposed to flames, molten splashes or sparks.

The flame-resistant safety harnesses we offer here at Safety Harness Direct are made of specialist fire-retardant materials, and each one is tested to the highest safety standards, so you can work with confidence even when the heat is on!

If you have any questions about our fire-resistant harness range, please feel free to contact Safety Harness Direct today.

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