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Flat Roof Access Safety Equipment

Flat Roof Access Safety Equipment

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All of the harnesses and related safety equipment listed below are suitable for use on horizontal plane work environments. All of the harnesses and safety equipment available from Safety Harness Direct are durable, reliable, and top quality.

Our range of horizontal plane harnesses are available in a variety of dimensions, colours, high visibility, and with a variety of different attachment points.

Take a look at our range of horizontal plane safety equipment below:

Working at Height on a Flat Roof FAQs:

What precautions should be taken when working on a flat roof?

Always use appropriate fall protection equipment like harnesses and guardrails, ensure the roof surface is stable and clear of debris. Conduct a risk assesment before starting, be aware of weather conditions, and always follow relevant safety regulations and guidelines. 

Can I work at height on a flat roof when it's windy?

Do not consider going on any roof in poor weather conditions such as rain, ice, frost or strong winds (particularly gusting) or if slippery conditions exist on the roof.  Winds in excess of 23mph (Force 5) will affect a persons balance.

What Is a Horizontal Plane? 

The term ‘horizontal plane’ refers to any work environment where the floor surface or the primary surface stood upon is horizontal or flat. Some examples of horizontal plane work environments include an aeroplane wing, or a flat roof.

Not the work environment you're looking for? If you’re anticipating working on an inclined plane as opposed to a horizontal plane, take a moment to look at the range of harnesses available from Safety Harness Direct that are suitable for work on inclined plane environments.

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