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Beam Anchors

Beam Anchors

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Having a suitable anchor is at the very heart of fall protection systems. Beam anchors are a great anchor option if you’re working on a site that requires adjustable anchor points. They can either be fixed to a beam as a set anchor point, or can be adjusted to slide across the beam as the worker travels.

If a beam anchor is the right anchor for your project, browse our selection below and get your team properly protected from fall risks.

Why Are Beam Anchors Great Options for Fall Protection Systems?

Beam anchors are superior anchor solutions for a number of reasons. Their versatility in being able to quickly adapt from being a fixed-point anchor to being able to becoming a sliding anchor to give workers mobility and range of movement isn’t found in other anchor options.

If you have any questions about beam anchors, or any other anchors for that matter, our team are always happy to help. Contact us today for more information.

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