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Adjustable work positioning lanyard | 2mtr
Adjustable work positioning lanyard | 2mtr
Adjustable work positioning lanyard | 2mtr

Adjustable work positioning lanyard | 2mtr

Reference: LG-HT-613-2M
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Product Purposes

Work Station Holding
Work Station Holding  

This product is ideal for use in work station holding situations, where the worker is seated while suspended in the air.

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Certified to:EN 358

The LifeGear 2mtr Adjustable Work Positioning Lanyard is an essential safety tool designed for individuals working at heights, ensuring a secure and flexible lanyard that can be easily adjusted. This lanyard is designed with precision to meet the demands of professionals who require a reliable means of positioning themselves at their workstations.

Key Features:

  1. Adjustable Length: The lanyard offers a highly adjustable design, allowing users to quickly and accurately modify its length to suit their specific positioning needs while working at elevated locations.

  2. Secure End Attachments: One end of the lanyard is equipped with a plastic thimble eye, providing a durable attachment point. This end is further enhanced with a safety double-action snap hook, ensuring a robust connection to anchor points or safety harnesses.

  3. Rope Grab Mechanism: The other end features an adjustable rope grab, allowing users to fine-tune the working length of the lanyard. This feature enables users to customize their positioning according to the requirements of the task at hand.

  4. Protective Sleeve: To enhance durability and minimize the risk of abrasion, the lanyard comes with a protective sleeve. This sleeve serves as a safeguard against wear and tear, extending the overall lifespan of the equipment.

  5. Smooth Adjustment under Load: The lanyard is engineered for super-smooth adjustment, even when under load. This ensures that users can make necessary adjustments seamlessly and with minimal effort, contributing to both safety and efficiency.

  6. Lightweight Design: Built with user comfort in mind, the lanyard is lightweight, making it easy to handle and reducing the overall burden on the worker during extended periods of use.

  7. Double Action Snap Hook: The lanyard is fitted with a high-quality double-action snap hook, providing an additional layer of security and preventing accidental disengagement.

  8. Aluminium Twist Lock Karabiner: The inclusion of an Aluminium Twist Lock Karabiner on the rope grab enhances the overall versatility of the lanyard, providing a reliable and secure attachment point.

  9. Compliance with Safety Standards: The lanyard conforms to EN358, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety standards for work positioning equipment.


  • Rope Diameter: 12mm
  • Maximum User Weight: 100kg
  • Length: 2mtr

In summary, the LifeGear Adjustable Work Positioning Lanyard combines versatility, safety, and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for professionals who prioritise security and flexibility while working at heights

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