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Permanent Single Anchor Point

Permanent Single Anchor Point

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G-Force Permanent Single Anchor Point

The G-Force Permanent Single Anchor Point is a designed fixed anchor point that ensures optimal safety in various applications. This anchor point provides a reliable and secure connection for a range of safety systems. Here are key details and specifications:

  1. Material and Construction:

    • Constructed from lightweight alloy, the G-Force anchor point strikes a perfect balance between durability and weight efficiency.
    • The use of high-quality materials ensures the anchor point's longevity and reliability in diverse working environments.
  2. Weight:

    • Weighing at just 300 grams, the G-Force anchor point is exceptionally lightweight, facilitating ease of installation without compromising its structural integrity.
  3. Dimensions:

    • Length: 135mm
    • Width: 60mm
    • Height: 60mm
    • These precise dimensions contribute to the anchor point's versatility, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into various structures and configurations.
  4. Compliance with Standards:

    • The G-Force anchor point adheres to the EN 795 Class A standards, ensuring that it meets the highest safety requirements. This compliance underscores its suitability for use in fall protection systems, guaranteeing the well-being of individuals working at height.
  5. Purpose and Application:

    • Designed as a fixed anchor point, the G-Force model is engineered to provide a permanent and reliable connection for safety harnesses and lanyards.
    • Its robust structure and compliance with industry standards make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, industrial settings, and maintenance tasks where fall protection is paramount.
  6. Installation:

    • The G-Force anchor point's design facilitates straightforward installation procedures. Its dimensions and lightweight construction contribute to an efficient installation process without compromising safety.

In summary, the G-Force Permanent Single Anchor Point stands as a testament to cutting-edge design and engineering in the realm of fall protection. Its lightweight yet robust construction, adherence to industry standards, and ease of installation make it an indispensable component in ensuring the safety of individuals working at heights in various professional settings.






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