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Webbing Sling Connector Anchor Device

Webbing Sling Connector Anchor Device

Reference: GFAZ900
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Product Code Static Strength Material Webbing Width Conforms to EN Standard Certification Supplied Life Span Price
GFAZ90022kNPolyester Webbing20mmEN 795:2012/B, EN 566:2017 & EN 354:2010 Declaration of Conformity10 Years from Date of Manufacturer£6.40



Webbing Sling Connector: Ensuring Fall Protection

The Webbing Sling Connector plays a pivotal role in personal protective equipment, specifically designed to mitigate the risks associated with falls from heights. It complies with stringent standards, including EN 354:2010, EN 795:2012/B, and EN 566:2006 for Mountaineering equipment.

Sole Usage for Personal Fall Protection

Emphasizing its exclusive application for a single individual, the Webbing Sling Connector is dedicated solely to personal fall protection. Importantly, it is explicitly not intended for use with lifting equipment.

AZ900: Versatile Functionality

The AZ900 exhibits versatility in its application, serving as an anchorage device and a vital component in personal fall arrest equipment.

Anchorage Device: Connecting to Structural Anchor Points

As an anchorage device, the AZ900 seamlessly connects fall arrest devices to structural anchor points, ensuring a secure and reliable link in fall protection systems.

Lanyard: Collaborating with Energy Absorber

Functioning as a lanyard, the AZ900 collaborates with an energy absorber to enhance fall protection. This dynamic combination forms an integral part of a comprehensive fall arrest system.

Comprehensive Fall Arrest System

In constructing a robust fall arrest system, the AZ900 interfaces with various components, including an energy absorber (EN 355 compliant), a full-body harness (EN 361 compliant), and the structural anchor point (EN 795 compliant).

Length Limitation for Optimal Safety

It is crucial to adhere to a total sub-system length restriction, ensuring that the cumulative measurement—encompassing the lanyard with an energy absorber, terminations, and connectors—does not exceed 2 meters. This limitation underscores a commitment to safety and compliance with established standards.

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