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Tripod & Winch 20mtr | Confined Space & Rescue
Tripod & Winch 20mtr | Confined Space & Rescue
Tripod & Winch 20mtr | Confined Space & Rescue
Tripod & Winch 20mtr | Confined Space & Rescue
Tripod & Winch 20mtr | Confined Space & Rescue

Tripod & Winch 20mtr | Confined Space & Rescue

Reference: GFTM9-N-RUP502
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Product Purposes

Confined Space
Confined Space  

This height safety product is specifically designed for use in confined spaces such as wells and drains.

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The TM9-N Lightweight Aluminum Tripod, designed for confined space entry and rescue operations, is an essential piece of equipment ensuring safety and efficiency in hazardous environments. Let's delve into its features and components to provide a comprehensive understanding:

1. Lightweight Aluminum Construction: The tripod is made from high-quality aluminum, providing durability without compromising portability. This lightweight design facilitates easy transportation and setup, crucial for rapid response in emergency situations.

2. Powder-Coated Steel Head: The tripod's head is constructed from powder-coated steel, enhancing its robustness and resistance to corrosion. This component serves as the central support structure, providing stability and security during operations.

3. Ball-Bearing Polyamide Rollers: Equipped with three ball-bearing polyamide rollers, the head enables smooth and controlled movement of equipment and personnel, facilitating safe maneuvering within confined spaces.

4. Anchor Points for Fall Protection: The head features three anchor points strategically positioned on its sides. These anchor points serve as attachment points for fall protection equipment, ensuring the safety of individuals working at height. Each anchor point accommodates one user at a time, adhering to strict safety protocols.

5. Internal Bungee Retaining Straps: The tripod's legs are fitted with internal bungee retaining straps, preventing accidental droppage during adjustments. This innovative feature enhances user convenience and safety, minimizing the risk of workplace accidents.

6. Composite Feet for Stability: The inclusion of new composite feet enhances the tripod's stability on various surfaces. These specialized feet provide superior traction and grip, reducing the likelihood of slippage or instability during operations.

7. G-Force RUP502 20mtr Rescue Winch: The TM9-N comes complete with the G-Force RUP502 20mtr Rescue Winch, a reliable tool for confined space rescue operations. This integral component enhances the tripod's versatility and effectiveness in challenging rescue scenarios.

In summary, the TM9-N Lightweight Aluminum Tripod, with its advanced features and components, offers a comprehensive solution for confined space entry and rescue operations. Its robust construction, innovative design elements, and compatibility with essential rescue equipment make it an indispensable asset for safety professionals and emergency responders alike.

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