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Confined Space & Rescue Tripod | 1790 - 2890mm
Confined Space & Rescue Tripod | 1790 - 2890mm

Confined Space & Rescue Tripod | 1790 - 2890mm

Reference: GFTM11
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Product Purposes

Confined Space
Confined Space  

This height safety product is specifically designed for use in confined spaces such as wells and drains.

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Product Code Weight Adjustable Height (mm) Price
GFTM1135kg1790 - 2890 £903.52


Certified to:EN 795

Confined Space & Rescue Tripod | 1790 - 2890mm

The G-Force TM11 Lightweight Tripod provides a versatile solution specifically engineered for optimal performance in confined space entry and rescue operations. Featuring a fully adjustable height ranging from 179cm to 289cm, the tripod guarantees adaptability in various scenarios. It incorporates multiple attachment points to seamlessly integrate with fall arrest blocks, contributing to a comprehensive safety system.

Sturdy Construction and Safety Measures:

Constructed with lightweight aluminum, the tripod ensures durability and ease of handling. It also includes a secure chain, adding an additional layer of safety measures to enhance operational security.

Efficient Climbing Access:

To facilitate secure climbing for accessing anchor points, the tripod is equipped with three alloy steps, ensuring efficient and safe climbing procedures.

Comprehensive Compatibility:

The tripod's design is focused on seamless compatibility with other essential equipment, such as the P10R Rescue harness, RUP503 winch, and retrieval blocks.

Adherence to Standards:

Adhering to stringent safety requirements, the G-Force TM11 Lightweight Tripod complies with EN795 safety standards. This commitment to compliance ensures reliability and adherence to industry regulations in confined space rescue operations.

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