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Fall Arrest Block | 3mtr
Fall Arrest Block | 3mtr
Fall Arrest Block | 3mtr
Fall Arrest Block | 3mtr

Fall Arrest Block | 3mtr

Reference: GFCR30
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Product Code Certified to: Maximum User Weight: Price
GFCR30EN 360140kg£140.00

G-Force CR30 is specifically engineered to provide fall protection from elevated positions, ensuring safety when working at heights. This retractable fall arrest block is designed for use from an anchor point, offering a reliable safeguard against potential falls.

Product Specification: 

  1. Encased in a sturdy plastic housing, the CR30 features an internal locking mechanism, enhancing durability and reliability. This rugged design ensures the longevity of the fall arrest block, making it suitable for various working environments.

  2. Equipped with a retractable steel cable with a diameter of ø4mm, the CR30 provides a maximum length of 3 meters. This feature allows flexibility in movement while maintaining secure fall protection, offering a balance between mobility and safety.

  3. The fall arrest block is designed with a swivel top fixing, facilitating ease of use and maneuverability. This feature allows the user to navigate their workspace comfortably without compromising safety.

  4. AZ 011 Karabiner: This component is designed for connecting the fall arrest block to a suitable anchor point, ensuring a secure attachment.
  5. AZ002ASI Swivel Aluminium, Galvanised Snap Hook: Featuring a 24mm opening, this swivel snap hook adds an extra layer of safety, providing a reliable connection to the user's harness.

  6. Maximum Load CapacityThe G-Force CR30 has a maximum load capacity of 140kg, providing robust support for users while working at heights. This ensures that the fall arrest block can accommodate a wide range of individuals and their equipment.

Usage Limitations

It is important to note that the CR30 fall arrest block cannot be used horizontally; it is designed for vertical use only. This limitation ensures that the equipment is utilized correctly and in accordance with its intended purpose, maximizing safety for the user.

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