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Mini Fall Arrest Block c/w Karabiner | 2.25mtr

Mini Fall Arrest Block c/w Karabiner | 2.25mtr

Reference: GF-ROLEX4
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Product Code Effective Working Length (EWL) Webbing Width Maximum User Weight Corms to EN Standard Certification Supplied Price
GF-ROLEX42.25mtrs 47mm140kgEN 360:20002 Declaration of conformity£79.14

The G-Force ROLEX 4 Mini Fall Arrest Block with Karabiner is specifically designed for vertical work applications. Here are some detailed specifications and features:

  1. Maximum Load Capacity: The fall arrest block is engineered to support a maximum load of 140kg, making it suitable for a wide range of users in various work scenarios.

  2. Webbing Length and Width:

    • Length: The webbing has a total length of 2.25 meters, providing ample space for vertical movement.

    • Width: The webbing is 47mm wide, ensuring durability and strength for reliable fall protection.

  3. Material: The fall arrest block is manufactured from high-quality textile webbing, known for its strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental conditions.

  4. Top Attachment: The top attachment features an AZ011 Screwgate Karabiner, offering a secure connection point for anchoring the fall arrest block.

  5. Bottom Attachment: The bottom attachment is equipped with an AZ002AZ Swivel Snap Hook, complete with a 24mm opening. This swivel snap hook enhances flexibility and ease of movement during vertical work.

  6. Product Features:

    • Shock Absorber: The fall arrest block is equipped with a shock absorber, which helps mitigate the impact force during a fall, reducing the risk of injury.

    • ABS Cover: An ABS cover is included, providing additional protection and durability to the internal components of the fall arrest block.

    • Maximum User Weight: With a maximum user weight capacity of 140kg, the fall arrest block accommodates a diverse range of users.

    • Weight: The fall arrest block itself has a weight of 1.2kg, ensuring it is lightweight and easy to carry during work activities.

    • Conforms to Standards: The product conforms to EN360 CE standards, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety and quality requirements.

  7. Origin: The fall arrest block is proudly manufactured in the European Union (EU), adhering to high-quality production standards.

  8. Industry Recognition: This product is supplied to many leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suppliers and rental companies in the United Kingdom, indicating its recognition and acceptance within the industry.

Overall, the G-Force ROLEX 4 Mini Fall Arrest Block is a reliable and safety-focused solution for individuals engaged in vertical work, providing peace of mind through its robust design and adherence to safety standards.

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