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Mini Fall Arrest Block c/w Scaffold Hook | 2.25mtr
Mini Fall Arrest Block c/w Scaffold Hook | 2.25mtr
Mini Fall Arrest Block c/w Scaffold Hook | 2.25mtr

Mini Fall Arrest Block c/w Scaffold Hook | 2.25mtr

Reference: GF-ROLEX5
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Product Code Effective Working Length (EWL) Webbing Width Maximum User Weight Conforms to EN Standard Certification Supplied Price
GF-ROLEX52.25mtrs45mm140kgEN 360:20002Declaration of Conformity£89.98

The G-Force ROLEX 5 Mini Fall Arrest Block with Scaffold Hook is a specialized safety equipment designed for vertical work, ensuring the utmost protection for workers at height. Here are some detailed specifications and features of this fall arrest block:

  1. Maximum Load Capacity: This fall arrest block is capable of supporting a maximum load of 140kg, providing a robust safety measure for a variety of applications.

  2. Extended Length: The fully extended length of the device is 2.37m, making it suitable for tasks that involve descent or ascent over vertical surfaces.

  3. Webbing Details:

    • Webbing Length: 2.25m
    • Webbing Width: 47mm
    • Material: Manufactured from high-quality textile webbing, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging work environments.
  4. Attachment Points:

    • Top Attachment: Features an AZ022 Scaffold Hook with a generous 55mm opening, providing a secure connection point to scaffolding structures.
    • Bottom Attachment: Equipped with an AZ002AZ Swivel Snap Hook, which has a 24mm opening, allowing for easy and secure connection to a safety harness or anchor point.
  5. Product Features:

    • Shock Absorber: Incorporates a shock absorber mechanism to minimize the impact force on the user in the event of a fall.
    • ABS Cover: The device is equipped with an ABS cover, enhancing its durability and protecting it from external elements.
    • Max User Weight: Designed to accommodate a maximum user weight of 140kg, ensuring safety for a broad range of users.
    • Weight: Lightweight at 1.5kg, making it convenient for users to carry and use in various work scenarios.
  6. Certifications:

    • Conforms to EN360 CE: The fall arrest block meets the safety standards set by EN360 CE, assuring compliance with European safety regulations.
    • Made in the EU: Manufactured in the European Union, ensuring quality and adherence to strict safety standards.
  7. Industry Adoption:

    • Widely Supplied: This fall arrest block is supplied to many leading PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) suppliers and rental companies in the UK, indicating its trust and acceptance in the industry.

In summary, the G-Force ROLEX 5 Mini Fall Arrest Block with Scaffold Hook is a reliable and versatile safety device, meticulously designed to meet stringent safety standards and provide peace of mind for workers engaged in vertical work at height.

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