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Retractable Fall Arrester | 2.4mtrs
Retractable Fall Arrester | 2.4mtrs
Retractable Fall Arrester | 2.4mtrs
Retractable Fall Arrester | 2.4mtrs
Retractable Fall Arrester | 2.4mtrs

Retractable Fall Arrester | 2.4mtrs

Reference: GFWR025-AZ011
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The G-Force Retractable Type Fall Arrester is a versatile safety device designed for both vertical and horizontal use, providing reliable fall protection. It is important to note that when used horizontally, it must be paired with the G-Force AZ800 wire lanyard for optimal safety.

Key features of the G-Force Retractable Type Fall Arrester:

  1. Maximum Load Capacity: The fall arrester is capable of supporting a maximum load of 140kg, ensuring its suitability for a range of users and applications.

  2. Length: The device has a length of 2.4 meters, allowing for ample freedom of movement while still maintaining effective fall protection.

  3. Connectors:

    • AZ 011 Karabiner: This karabiner is provided for secure attachment to a suitable anchor point.
    • Safety Hook: Equipped with an auto-locking trigger and swivel, the safety hook allows for a direct connection to the safety harness, enhancing user safety and convenience.
  4. Components:

    • Compact Shock Absorber: The fall arrester features a compact shock absorber to mitigate the impact force in the event of a fall.
    • Top Swivel: The top swivel provides flexibility of movement, accommodating various working positions and orientations.
    • Webbing Retractor with Brake: Encased in a durable plastic case, the webbing retractor includes a brake mechanism to ensure controlled and gradual retraction.
  5. Webbing: The fall arrester is equipped with 17mm wide heavy-duty webbing, contributing to its overall strength and durability.

  6. Conformance: The G-Force Retractable Type Fall Arrester complies with the EN 360 2002 standard, attesting to its adherence to safety and performance requirements.

  7. Warranty: The product comes with a 12-month warranty, providing users with confidence in its reliability and durability.

  8. Origin: Manufactured in the European Union, the fall arrester meets high-quality standards and is made in accordance with EU regulations.

This comprehensive design, along with its adherence to safety standards and a warranty, makes the G-Force Retractable Type Fall Arrester a reliable choice for those working at heights.

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