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Twin Fall Arrest Block | Webbing 2 mtr

Twin Fall Arrest Block | Webbing 2 mtr

Reference: GFDWR040S-020
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Product Code Length: Width: Certified to: Price
GFDWR040S-020800mm (when webbing is wound up) 190mmEN 360:2002£194.86

Twin Fall Arrest Block | Webbing 2 mtr


  • Twin Retractable Webbing: Equipped with two webbing lanyards, providing flexibility and convenience for tasks that require frequent changes of the attachment point.
  • Lightweight Design: The G-Force DWR040S is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to carry and maneuver while working at heights.
  • Durable Housing: The locking mechanism is housed in a durable casing, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the fall arrest device.
  • Swivel Mechanism: The upper part of the device is equipped with a swivel, allowing for greater freedom of movement and reducing the risk of entanglement during use.
  • Scaffold Hooks: Fitted with 50mm opening Scaffold Hooks that come with a swivel and a fall indicator, enhancing safety and ease of use in various work environments.

Safety Specifications:

  • Static Strength: The fall arrest block has a minimum static strength of 15kN, providing robust support and reliability during falls.
  • Maximum User Weight: The device is designed to support a maximum user weight of 140kg, ensuring its suitability for a wide range of users.

Webbing Details:

  • Webbing Width: The webbing has a width of 18.5mm, providing strength and durability while remaining compact and lightweight.


  • The fall arrest block weighs 2.3kg, contributing to its lightweight and portable design.

This information outlines the key features, specifications, and safety details of the G-Force DWR040S 2mtr Twin Retractable Webbing Fall Arrest Block, making it suitable for work at heights that require a reliable and flexible fall protection solution.

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