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Worksafe Ladder Leveller & Stabilizer
Worksafe Ladder Leveller & Stabilizer
Worksafe Ladder Leveller & Stabilizer

Worksafe Ladder Leveller & Stabilizer

Reference: WLA-LL
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Worksafe Ladder Leveller & Stabilizer

The Worksafe Ladder Leveller & Stabilizer - currently the only ladder levelling system, that also complies with the BS EN 131 Working at Height Regulations, the base width is identical to the standard stabilizer fitted as compulsory from Jan 2018 on ALL new leaning ladders 3 metres or more

The stabilizer will adjust to 30 degrees in each direction allowing safe and stable working on uneven or sloping ground up to 30 degrees. The product will ALSO work well on most stairs, stair wells and steps, the only possible exception being incredibly old cottages, or terraces with very steep stairs / steps

The unit has infinitesimal adjustment, which allows pinpoint accuracy, particularly important on very tall ladders as a quarter of an inch out at the bottom could translate into several feet at the top and take the operator well outside of the centre of gravity

A built-in spirit level is incorporated to take the guess work out of positioning the ladder absolutely straight

The feet on this unit are 77mm diameter solid rubber balls, which the 38mm tubular aluminium legs are set into. This is a unique feature, no matter what angle the legs / feet meet the ground, maximum ground contact is made, furthermore, as weight is applied, the rubber balls compress and spread a little creating extra grip by increasing the footprint

The unit can be fitted, or removed from a ladder in seconds, but the unit may also be permanently fitted to a ladder as it is exceptionally light

This is a unique concept and offers a genuine safety enhancement when using leaning ladders

*** We would strongly recommend that a Worksafe Anchor is used to comply with the tying in regulation, or the ladder must be footed ***

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