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Temporary Horizontal Lifeline | 20mtr
Temporary Horizontal Lifeline | 20mtr

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline | 20mtr

Reference: CLI-HSL-20M-KIT
£69.98 inc VAT

Product Purposes

Flat Roof Access
Flat Roof Access  

This product can be used while working at height on a horizontal surface—a flat roof, for example.

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Climax 20mtr Horizontal Temporary Safety Line Kit

The Climax Horizontal Temporary Lifeline must be used in combination with a fall protection harness and an energy absorber or lanyard connecting them together. The assembly constitutes a system enabling greater freedom of movement without having to change the anchoring point. Therefore, this device becomes an ideal and indispensable tool for certain types of occasional work (roofs, terraces, gantry bridges, etc.)

It must always be installed between two anchoring points that can bear at least 15 kN static resistance and are located at the same height

Made of a polyester tape 35mm wide and 20mtr long

Can be used by 2 people at the same time

The equipment includes:-

  • Two swivel connectors Climax mod. KH-Giro to avoid a wound tape. MBL: 20kN. Open gate: 19mm
  • Two anchoring ring. Length: 1mtr Max. load capacity: 22 kN
  • The ratchet element that has a double safety locking system and a regular control of the tension
  • A bag made of PVC to hold the tape not being used and to protect the ratchet from external agents

Conforms to EN795

Weight: 3.2kg

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