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Temporary Horizontal Lifeline | 30mtr

Temporary Horizontal Lifeline | 30mtr

Reference: CLI-HSL-30M-KIT
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Product Purposes

Flat Roof Access
Flat Roof Access  

This product can be used while working at height on a horizontal surface—a flat roof, for example.

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Climax 30mtr Horizontal Temporary Safety Line Kit

The Climax Horizontal Lifeline 30mtr is a transportable anchor device (type B) that offers either the user or users great autonomy of movement without changing the anchor point

The assembly of the equipment is very agile and fast without needing tools

It offers a working distance between a minimum of 5mtr and a maximum of 30mtr

The Horizontal Lifeline must be installed between two anchor points that are located at the same height and that support at least 15kN

Made of a polyester tape 50mm wide and 30mtr long

Can be used by up to 3 people at the same time

The equipment includes:-

  • The ratchet element that has a double safety locking system and a regular control of the tension
  • A bag made of PVC to hold the tape not being used and to protect the ratchet from external agents
  • Two polyamide anchoring rings of 1mtr length
  • Two swivel connectors Climax mod. KH-Giro to avoid a wound tape. MBL: 20kN. Open gate: 19mm
  • Conforms to EN795
  • Product Weight: 6kg

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