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1 Point Harnesses

A 1 point harness can be used in a wide range of situations. These simple 1 point harnesses are easy to use, affordable and secure, making them ideal for anyone working at height. Each 1 point safety harness had an attachment at the rear, making it easy to connect to your height safety system without being obstructed.

Choose a 1 point harness from our range to find out more:

Why choose a 1 point harness from Safety Harness Direct?

Here at Safety Harness Direct, we offer 1 point harnesses for both personal and commercial use. We guarantee that you'll find the quality and price of our 1 point harnesses very attractive, and we're confident that they'll keep you safe, wherever you use them. Our 1 point harnesses provide excellent security with a rear attachment for your lanyard. Having the lanyard tucked behind you makes it far easier for you to work without being obstructed.

Unsure which 1 point harness is right for you? We have a team of safety harness experts on hand to help! Contact us now.

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