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Arborist Harnesses

An arborist harness is an essential piece of safety equipment for anyone whose job involves climbing trees. Here at Safety Harness Direct, we have a range of professional arborist safety harnesses available to buy at competitive prices - these harnesses are perfect for arborists, tree surgeons and arboriculturalists.

To order your arborist safety harness, please choose from the following products:

Great prices on arborist harnesses

Here at Safety Harness Direct, we strive to give our customers the best possible value for money. We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible - but without sacrificing on quality. Every arborist safety harness we sell has been tested and certified safe for use.

If you work up trees on a regular basis, it's very important to make sure you've got the right height safety equipment. Your harness could be what prevents a nasty fall, so please don't hesitate to contact the Safety Harness Direct team if you're not sure which arborist harness to buy.

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