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Fall Arrest Harnesses

Fall arrest harnesses are designed to prevent injury in the event of a fall by arresting the momentum. It’s important to have a suitable harness when working with a fall arrest system, because having incorrect or unsuitable support can put a lot of pressure on the wearer's body.

A fall arrest harness must be ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and distribution of pressure. If the harness wearer sustains an injury during the fall arrest, your fall arrest system only half works!

Why Use a Fall Arrest Harness?

Fall arrest harnesses are used in conjunction with a fall arrest system. Fall restrain harnesses work by giving the wearer a full range of movement, which also allows them to move into areas where there is a risk of fall. Should the wearer fall, the system arrests the fall before they receive injury though impact on a lower level.

There are a wide array of benefits to using a fall arrest system. One of the most popular selling points of fall arrest systems is that it gives the wearer a free range of movement that you don’t always achieve with other fall safety systems, such as fall restraint systems. Although this does put them at risk of falling, some work environments and projects can’t function with the limited motion of alternative fall safety systems.

To find out more about the benefits of using fall arrest harnesses, contact our team at Safety Harness Direct today.

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