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Fall Prevention Harness

Fall prevention safety harnesses are designed to keep you safe when working in a variety of different conditions, for example, on an open ledge or scaffold. A fall prevention safety harness should be used as part of a fall arrest system.

Our range of fall prevention safety harnesses is suitable for a range of different purposes – whether you’re looking for a harness for use in a cherry picker, when working on scaffolding, or in any other environment, we're sure you'll find the right harness for you in our collection of fall prevention safety harnesses.

Browse our fall prevention safety harnesses below:

Why choose a fall prevention safety harness?

Fall prevention harnesses are designed with the user in mind. They're comfortable, completely adjustable, and will provide you with ample support in all the right places. When you're working at height on a ledge or scaffold, the space to work can be tight. Fall prevention safety harnesses allow you to move and work freely, while still keeping you safe at all times. 

Unlike other types of harnesses on the market, fall prevention harnesses distribute the force of a fall evenly across the body. This dramatically reduces the chances of injury.

Not sure if a fall arrest safety harness is right for you? Shop our full range of safety harnesses instead!

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