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Tree Climbing Harnesses

Climbing trees can be dangerous. If you're a tree surgeon, be sure to use the right safety equipment when working at height. Our tree climbing harnesses are ideal for professionals who work in the arboriculture industry. These specialist tree safety harnesses are designed to maximise your comfort and safety when you're climbing trees.

Choose from the following tree safety harnesses:

What is the safest device to use when climbing a tree?

You should always use a properly fitting full-body arborist harness at all times when climbing a tree and/or installing a tree stand. 


Tree Climbing Harnesses from Safety Harness Direct

Here at Safety Harness Direct, we want to make it easy for you to purchase high-quality safety equipment. That's why we only sell tree climbing harness kits from reliable, trustworthy brands - plus we keep our prices as low as possible to give you the best possible value for money. We even offer FREE delivery on every order!

All of our tree climbing harnesses are tested to the highest safety standards, so whichever harness you choose, you'll be able to climb those trees knowing you're in safe hands.

Not sure which tree safety harness to buy? Contact Safety Harness Direct for more information about any of our products.

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