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Folding Rescue Stretcher | Stainless Steel

Folding Rescue Stretcher | Stainless Steel

Reference: GFDX030
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Product Purposes

Rescue / Evacuation
Rescue / Evacuation  

This high-quality height safety product is suitable for rescue and emergency evacuation situations.

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Product Code Frame: Mesh: Sling assembly: Total length Width: Height: Weight: Price
GFDX030Stainless SteelPVC (-30 to +50 degrees)Textile2125mm585mm185mm16kgs£1,110.74

The DX030 Rescue Stretcher boasts a robust and rigid stainless steel frame, ensuring strength and durability. Its design incorporates a practical feature, allowing the frame to be easily split and folded in half widthways, facilitating convenient storage and transportation.

The continuous top rail of the stretcher frame offers multiple handling points, particularly beneficial for extended periods of transportation with substantial loads. This feature enhances the stretcher's versatility and ease of use.

Thanks to its narrow width and rounded ends, the stretcher excels in maneuverability, proving particularly effective in tight and confined spaces. This makes it an ideal choice for rescue operations in challenging environments.

For versatile rescue scenarios, the DX030 comes complete with an adjustable four-leg webbing assembly. This feature enables suspension rescues from both vertical and inclined locations, adding a layer of adaptability to its functionality. Additionally, the stretcher includes four adjustable casualty securing belts, ensuring the safe and secure transport of individuals in various emergency situations.


The manufacturer declares that the DX030 series Stretchers were tested in accordance with the Directive 93/42/EEC and were assigned full conformity as a medialc product of class 1, principle 1

To prove conformity with the a/m directive the Stretchers are designated with the CE mark

Every operator of the DX030 Rescue Stretcher must be competent and trained under conditions of simulated rescue situations.  The instructions supplied must not be treated as training material nor a rescue procedure

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