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Webbing Adjustable Restraint Lanyard | IKAR

Webbing Adjustable Restraint Lanyard | IKAR

Reference: IKAR-IK13B200A13
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Product Purposes

Cherry Picker
Cherry Picker  

This product can be used while working on a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) such as a cherry picker.

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IKAR IK13BA13 Webbing Adjustable Restraint Lanyard: A Comprehensive Safety Solution

Meeting Stringent Standards: EN 354 & EN 358

The IKAR IK13BA13 Webbing Adjustable Restraint Lanyard stands out as a versatile and reliable safety tool that adheres to rigorous industry standards, including EN 354 and EN 358. These standards ensure that the lanyard meets stringent requirements for personal fall protection equipment, lanyards, energy absorbers (EN 354), as well as work positioning and restraint systems (EN 358).

Key Features: Robust Construction and Secure Attachments

Made with a 25mm webbing lifeline, this lanyard boasts robust durability and dependable performance in restraint applications. The inclusion of the IKV13, a steel oval screwgate karabiner at each end, enhances its functionality and safety features. The screwgate karabiners provide an additional layer of security, facilitating easy and secure attachment to anchor points or other safety equipment.

Adjustable Length for Versatility

One of the standout features of this lanyard is its adaptability. The length of the lanyard is adjustable, offering flexibility in various work scenarios. With lengths available in 1.5 meters and 2 meters, users can choose the appropriate size for their specific needs. This adjustability ensures optimal safety and comfort during use, catering to a range of applications.

Compliance with Safety Standards: EN 354 & EN 358

The IKAR IK13BA13 Lanyard's compliance with EN 354 and EN 358 underscores its commitment to quality and safety. The adherence to these standards assures users that the lanyard meets industry benchmarks for safety and reliability.

In Summary, the IKAR IK13BA13 Webbing Adjustable Restraint Lanyard is a meticulously designed safety solution that combines durable materials, secure attachments, and adjustable lengths to provide users with a reliable tool for restraint applications, all in compliance with stringent safety standards.

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