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Petzl Double Handled Arborist/ Rope Access Rope Clamp
Petzl Double Handled Arborist/ Rope Access Rope Clamp
Petzl Double Handled Arborist/ Rope Access Rope Clamp

Petzl Double Handled Arborist/ Rope Access Rope Clamp

Reference: PETZL-B19AAA
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The PETZL Ascentree Rope Clamp is a double-handled arborist tool meticulously designed for ascending doubled ropes, specifically tailored for the "foot-lock" technique.

Key Features:

Ergonomic Design:

  • The rope clamp boasts ergonomic molded handles, providing a comfortable yet powerful grip for efficient and safe usage.

Wide Opening:

  • With a wide opening, this clamp ensures easy handling, even when wearing thick gloves, facilitating a seamless climbing experience.

Integrated Safety Catch:

  • The safety catch is ingeniously integrated into the body of the rope clamp, minimizing the risk of snagging during ascent.

Self-Cleaning Toothed Cam:

  • The toothed cam with a self-cleaning slot enhances performance under various conditions, including frozen or dirty ropes, ensuring reliability and durability.

Dual Attachment Points:

  • The lower hole serves as a connection point for a lanyard, adding an extra layer of safety during climbing activities.
  • The upper hole is designed for clipping a karabiner around the rope, offering versatility in securing additional equipment.

Weight and Rope Compatibility:

  • Weighing a mere 330g, the PETZL Ascentree Rope Clamp is lightweight and easy to carry during climbing expeditions.
  • Compatible with ropes ranging from 8 to 13mm, providing adaptability to various rope sizes commonly used in arborist activities.

Conclusion: The PETZL Ascentree Rope Clamp combines cutting-edge design with practical features, offering arborists a reliable and user-friendly tool for ascending doubled ropes. Its thoughtful construction, from ergonomic handles to integrated safety measures, makes it a valuable asset for those engaged in arboriculture and climbing pursuits.

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