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2 Point High Viz Full Safety Harness | Yellow
2 Point High Viz Full Safety Harness | Yellow
2 Point High Viz Full Safety Harness | Yellow
2 Point High Viz Full Safety Harness | Yellow

2 Point High Viz Full Safety Harness | Yellow

Reference: GFP-30HV-PLUS-M-XL
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The G-Force 2 Point Full Body Safety Harness, seamlessly intergrated with a striking Yellow High Visibility vest, stands as a solution in the realm of personal safety equipment. Meticulously made with an unwavering commitment to user protection and heightened visibility, this meticulously engineered harness and vest combination caters to the exacting safety standards mandated across diverse industries and varied work environments.

Comprehensive Features:

  1. G-Force 2 Point Full Body Safety Harness: This harness is designed to provide optimal safety, ensuring that users are securely fastened during various tasks. The robust construction guarantees reliability and resilience in challenging work conditions.

  2. Integration with Yellow High Visibility Vest: The vibrant Yellow High Visibility vest is seamlessly integrated with the harness, enhancing the wearer's visibility in low-light conditions. This combination not only ensures safety but also facilitates easy identification of personnel on-site.

  3. Reflective Strips for Enhanced Visibility: Strategically placed reflective strips amplify visibility, further reducing the risk of accidents by making the wearer conspicuous even in dimly lit or high-traffic areas.

  4. Rear Dorsal Attachment D Ring: The inclusion of a rear dorsal attachment D ring adds an extra layer of versatility, allowing for secure connections and facilitating various attachment points as needed in diverse work scenarios.

  5. Front Attachment Loops: Front attachment loops provide additional anchoring options, allowing users to adapt the harness to specific tasks and environments with ease.

  6. Extension Lanyard for Fall Arrest Block: The harness includes an extension lanyard designed for seamless connection to a fall arrest block, ensuring a comprehensive safety system for users working at heights.

  7. Full Adjustability in Chest, Shoulders, and Legs: With a focus on user comfort, the harness offers full adjustability in the chest, shoulders, and legs. This ensures a secure and personalized fit, reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

  8. Comfortable and Easy to Fit: The ergonomic design of the harness guarantees not only safety but also comfort. It is easy to fit, allowing users to quickly and efficiently gear up for their tasks.

  9. Compliance with EN361 CE Standards: The G-Force harness and vest combination strictly adheres to EN361 CE standards, underscoring its commitment to meeting or exceeding regulatory safety requirements.

  10. Manufactured in the EU: The entire ensemble is proudly manufactured in the European Union, attesting to its quality and adherence to stringent production standards.

In essence, the G-Force 2 Point Full Body Safety Harness, coupled with the Yellow High Visibility vest, embodies a pinnacle of safety, comfort, and adaptability for professionals operating in demanding work environments.

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