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Shock Absorbing Rope Lanyard | Karabiner Each End

Shock Absorbing Rope Lanyard | Karabiner Each End

Reference: GFBW200LB101011-1.3
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Product Purposes

Cherry Picker
Cherry Picker  

This product can be used while working on a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) such as a cherry picker.


This product can be used to reduce the risk of falls while working on scaffolding.

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Product Code Rope Type: Rope Diameter: Maximum User Weight: Conforms to EN Standard: Price
GFBW200LB101011011Kermantle10.5mm100kgEN 355.2002 CE£26.76

Elevate your safety standards with the G-Force shock-absorbing rope lanyard, designed for optimal performance. The lanyard features sewn end terminations with robust thimble eyes, ensuring durability and reliability in various applications. Its integrated energy-absorbing element makes it a dependable choice for fall arrest scenarios, prioritizing user safety.

Product Specifications:

  • Rope Type: Engineered with Kermantle, a high-performance rope known for its strength and resilience.
  • Rope Diameter: 10.5mm, providing a perfect balance of flexibility and sturdiness.
  • Maximum User Weight: Designed to support users with a maximum weight of 100kg.
  • Conformance: Meets stringent EN355.2002 CE standards, guaranteeing compliance with industry safety regulations.

Package Includes:

  • Compact Shock Absorber: Engineered to efficiently dissipate forces during falls, minimizing the impact on the user.
  • x2 GFAZ011 Screw Lock Karabiner: These reliable screw lock karabiners ensure a secure connection, enhancing overall safety.

Important Note: Please be aware that this lanyard has a maximum lifespan of 10 years from the date of manufacture. This timeline is independent of shelf life or working life. To ensure continued safety, adhere to correct usage, proper storage practices, and schedule thorough examinations by a competent person. Locate the date of manufacture on the sewn ID label attached to the product.

Invest in the confidence that comes with superior safety equipment - choose the G-Force Shock Absorbing Lanyard for a secure and reliable solution in fall protection.

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