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These Occasional Use Safety Harnesses are the perfect safety equipment for those who don’t expect to be using their harness on regular occasions. This selection of Occasional Use Harnesses are perfect equipment options for the occasional odd job.

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 1 Point Standard Body Harness | FA 10 102 00
£36.00 inc VAT£46.80 inc VAT
 2 Point Standard Body Harness | FA 10 103 00
£43.00 inc VAT£55.90 inc VAT
 4 Point Comfort Full Body Harness | FA 10 204 00
£125.00 inc VAT£168.92 inc VAT

Occasional Use Safety Harnesses FAQ’s

How Regularly Can I Use My Occasional Use Safety Harness?

Occasional Use Safety Harnesses are perfect for – as the name suggests – occasional use. These harnesses are designed for use on odd occasions, not for regular or intensive use.

How Often Should My Frequent Use Safety Harness Be Inspected?

It is recommended that you subject your Occasional Use Safety Harnesses to thorough inspection by a professional every 12 months to ensure that it is still working at proper functionality.

Who Can I Ask if I Have Any More Questions About My Harness?

If you have any questions about any of our safety harnesses, contact our team today. One of our highly trained team members will answer all of your questions and help you find the right product for you.

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