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Tool Safety Lanyard, 4kg capacity.
Tool Safety Lanyard, 4kg capacity.
Tool Safety Lanyard, 4kg capacity.

Tool Safety Lanyard, 4kg capacity.

Reference: TSTL1
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Enhancing Workplace Safety with the 4kg Tool Bungee Lanyard (Economy Model)

Preventing Accidents, Promoting Efficiency

In high-risk work environments where tools and equipment pose a potential hazard, the 4kg Tool Bungee Lanyard (Economy Model) is a reliable solution. This innovative 'bungee' type expanding tool lanyard is purposefully designed to mitigate the risk of tools falling from heights, safeguarding both personnel and the workplace.

Efficient and Secure Attachment

Equipped with a carbine hook, the tool bungee ensures easy and secure belt attachment, allowing workers to keep their essential tools within reach without compromising safety. This feature contributes to an efficient workflow, enabling professionals to focus on their tasks with confidence.

Economy Model - Unmatched Value for Safety

The economy model of the 4kg Tool Bungee Lanyard offers exceptional value for money without compromising on quality. By choosing this model, businesses can invest in a high-quality tool bungee lanyard while staying within budget constraints. This cost-effective solution empowers organizations to prioritize safety without sacrificing financial resources.

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum Load: 4kg
  • Extended Working Length (EWL): 66cm
  • Supplied with Carabiner for Versatile Use

Important Note: Tools Not Included

The purchase of the 4kg Tool Bungee Lanyard does not include any tools. Image is used if for product demonstration purposes only. Users are encouraged to utilize their existing tools with this lanyard.

Invest in the 4kg Tool Bungee Lanyard (Economy Model) – where affordability meets uncompromised safety. Elevate your workplace practices today!

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