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Helmet Lanyard
Helmet Lanyard

Helmet Lanyard

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The SKULLGUARD Safety Helmet Lanyard with Buckle is a crucial safety accessory designed to prevent the loss of hard hats in various work environments. This elastic lanyard provides a secure attachment, ensuring that even if the helmet slips off the wearer's head, it remains tethered and within reach.

Product Features

  • Secures Hard Hats: Prevents hard hat loss by securely attaching it to the worker, minimizing the risk of it falling out of reach.

  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to comfortably attach to a wide range of helmets and other headwear, ensuring versatility across different safety gear.

  • Convenient Buckle: Features a plastic connecting buckle that can be easily attached to harnesses, overalls, or other suitable attachment points, enhancing usability and convenience.

  • High-Stretch Elastic Material: Crafted from comfortable, high-stretch elastic material, ensuring a snug fit without causing discomfort during prolonged wear.

  • Color: Black, providing a discreet and professional appearance suitable for various work environments.

  • Maximum Safe Working Load Capacity: Capable of supporting a maximum safe working load of 2lbs (0.9kg), offering reliable performance under typical working conditions.

  • Webbing Width: 2cm, providing a balance between durability and flexibility for optimal performance.

  • Lanyard Length: 60cm, offering sufficient length to accommodate different wearer preferences and requirements.


  • Safety Helmet Sold Separately: Please note that the safety helmet is not included with the lanyard and must be purchased separately.

Additional Information

Visit our Head Protection section to explore our comprehensive range of safety helmets and hard hats, ensuring complete protection and compliance with safety standards in various industries.

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