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Retractable Tool Lanyard | 2kg
Retractable Tool Lanyard | 2kg

Retractable Tool Lanyard | 2kg

Reference: GFAY010
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The G-Force AY010 2kg Retractable Tool Lanyard is designed to prevent tools from falling while working at heights. Here are its key features:

  1. Retractable Lanyard: The lanyard has a retractable design, allowing users to extend it when needed and retract it when not in use.

  2. Lock and Strap: Equipped with a lock and strap for securing it around a waist belt or harness using a Velcro fastener. This ensures that it stays in place during work.

  3. Tool Safety: Designed to stop tools from falling, providing a secure attachment point for tools.

  4. Carabiner: Includes a carabiner with a swivel shackle, featuring an opening diameter of 10mm. This allows for easy attachment of tools.

  5. Lanyard Lock: Fitted with a lanyard lock for added security and stability.

  6. Lightweight and Easy to Use: Designed to be lightweight and straightforward to use, enhancing user convenience.

  7. Length and Load Capacity: When fully extended, the lanyard has a length of 1.15 meters. It can support a maximum load of 2kg and has a static strength of 35daN.

  8. Model Number: AY010

Overall, the G-Force AY010 2kg Retractable Tool Lanyard offers a practical solution for securing tools and ensuring safety while working at heights.

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