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Tool Lanyard for Power Tools | 50kg

Tool Lanyard for Power Tools | 50kg

Reference: GFAY051
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Tool Lanyard for Power Tools

Designed to secure heavier tools such as drills, grinders, and chainsaws, ensuring safety and preventing accidental drops. Ideal for construction sites, industrial settings, and any environment where power tools are utilized, offering peace of mind and enhancing workplace safety.

Material: Constructed from durable polyester webbing, providing strength and longevity in demanding work environment.

Attachment Points:

  • End Loop: Equipped with an end loop designed to securely attach to a harness, enhancing user mobility and ease of use.
  • Tool Attachment Loop: Terminates in a loop specifically crafted for effortless attachment of tools, offering convenience and security during tasks.

Product Specifcation:

  • Webbing Width: Features a width of 25mm.
  • Length: Offers a generous length of 1.3 meters.
  • Maximum Load: Capable of supporting a maximum load of 50kg.
  • Static Strength: Exhibits a static strength of 8kN.

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