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Confined Space, Rescue & Lifting Tripod | 1530 - 2100mm
Confined Space, Rescue & Lifting Tripod | 1530 - 2100mm
Confined Space, Rescue & Lifting Tripod | 1530 - 2100mm
Confined Space, Rescue & Lifting Tripod | 1530 - 2100mm

Confined Space, Rescue & Lifting Tripod | 1530 - 2100mm

Reference: GFTM9-N
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Product Purposes

Confined Space
Confined Space  

This height safety product is specifically designed for use in confined spaces such as wells and drains.

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Product Code Weight Open Diameter Adjustable Height Material Lifting Capacity Price
GFTM9-N15.45kg1.09m to 1.5m1.53m to 2.1m500kg£479.98


Brand: G-Force
Certified to:EN 795

G-Force Confined Space Rescue & Lifting Tripod Product Description

G-Force TM9-N Lightweight Aluminium Tripod is a versatile solution designed for optimal performance in confined space entry, rescue operations, and material lifting applications.

Designed with safety as a top priority, the TM9-N lifting tripod features a specially designed tripod head equipped with two designated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) attachment points and a separate material lifting point. The tripod head boasts three ball-bearing polyamide rollers, ensuring smooth guidance of the wire rope from lifting or fall arrest equipment mounted on the tripod legs.

To enhance user safety and convenience, each leg is equipped with an internal elasticated restraining strop, preventing inadvertent dropping of legs during adjustments. The newly integrated composite feet provide added stability to the tripod.

This versatile tool is compatible with various equipment, including the G-force RUP-502 rescue winch, CRW200/CRW300 fall arrest rescue winch (Leg mounted), and a comprehensive range of fall arrest blocks suspended from the tripod head. Additionally, it accommodates the RUP502-T lifting winch (Leg mounted) and manual material lifting chain block (Suspended from the head).

Confined Space, Rescue & Lifting Tripod Key Features:

  1. Dual Purpose: The TM9-N serves both as a material lifting device and a protective tool for up to three individuals.
  2. Anchor Points: Three anchor points strategically located on the side of the head enhance flexibility in attachment.
  3. Enhanced Stability: The tripod features new composite feet, providing heightened stability during operations.
  4. Smooth Operation: Ball-bearing rollers on the tripod head facilitate the seamless guidance of the work rope during rescue or lifting operations.
  5. Safety Features: Legs are equipped with internal bungee retaining strops to secure them during adjustments.
  6. Adjustable Height: The height under the head ranges from 1.53m to 2.1m, catering to various operational requirements.

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