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Tripod Rescue Winch 20m & 25m - RUP502

Tripod Rescue Winch 20m & 25m - RUP502

Reference: GFRUP502
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Product Purposes

Confined Space
Confined Space  

This height safety product is specifically designed for use in confined spaces such as wells and drains.

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Certified to:BS EN 1496 CLASS B 1996

G-Force Rescue Winch: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Tripod Winch Length Options for Every Rescue Scenario: 20mtr and 25mtr

Discover the versatility of our G-Force Rescue Winch, offering length options of 20 meters and 25 meters to cater to a wide range of rescue scenarios. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, this tripod rescue winch features a robust galvanized cable, ensuring durability and strength in the face of demanding situations.

Automatic Brake for Enhanced Safety and Control

G-Force Rescue Winch is equipped with an automatic brake mechanism that provides superior safety and control during rescue operations. This ensures a rapid and precise response in critical situations, making it an indispensable tool for professionals working in high-risk environments.

Seamless Integration with G-Force Tripod TM9-W

Designed for easy attachment to G-Force Tripod, the rescue winch facilitates effortless integration with the G-Force TM9-W Tripod. This streamlined compatibility ensures quick and efficient equipment setup, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

BS EN 1496 Class B 1996 Compliance: 

Rest assured with the G-Force Rescue Winch, which complies with the stringent standards set by BS EN 1496 Class B 1996. This certification attests to the winch's reliability and adherence to industry regulations, providing confidence in its performance during critical rescue missions.

Fully Certified:

The G-Force Rescue Winch is fully certified, emphasizing our commitment to quality and safety standards, ensuring that it meets the highest industry benchmarks.

12 Months Warranty:

For your peace of mind, the G-Force Rescue Winch comes with a 12-month warranty.

Note: Please use the RUP502 Winch exclusively with the G-Force TM9-W Tripod to ensure optimal compatibility and performance. This pairing guarantees a cohesive and reliable rescue system, maximizing the effectiveness of your equipment in critical situations.

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