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Kratos Lanyards, Carabiners & Harnesses

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Kratos Lanyards, Carabiners & Harnesses

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Working at height is a potentially risky business, and even the smallest error or fault in your equipment can lead to a fatal accident. Having equipment you can trust is vital, which is why Safety Harness Direct is proud to distribute Kratos Safety lanyards, harnesses and carabiners.

Whether you’re looking for safety lanyards, safety harnesses, or any variety of accessories, we’ve got you covered. Browse the wide range available down below and find the perfect safety equipment for your project.

 Steel Tower Hooks
£32.38 inc VAT£120.00 inc VAT
 Evacuation Triangle | FA 70 005 00
£71.94 inc VAT£100.10 inc VAT
 Easy Seat | FA 70 006 00
£107.98 inc VAT£141.70 inc VAT
 Bosun's Chair | FA 70 007 00
£119.94 inc VAT£153.40 inc VAT
 Telescopic Pole Kit | FA 60 016 05
£251.98 inc VAT£371.00 inc VAT

About Kratos

Kratos care about their customer safety, but also the comfort of the users. All of their products are made with physical relief in mind, and are designed with revolutionary ergonomic considerations to allow for fully fledged comfort while working. When working at height its vital that a worker be at ease and not distracted by issues of function or sensation by their equipment.

Kratos is a trusted partner of Safety Harness Direct, and all of Kratos’ products are made to satisfy European standards. They have a passion for safety and innovation when it comes to the production of safety equipment. If you have any questions about Kratos or any of our suppliers, contact us today. 

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