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Load Arrestors | 300kg-500kg

Load arrestors can be used to prevent heavy loads from falling. In circumstances where the primary support system fails, load arrestors are able to halt the descent of heavy overhead loads to avoid damaging the load and any objects/persons nearby. Choose from our 300kg load arrestors and 500kg load arrestors for various industrial applications. 

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Load Arrestors FAQs:

What is a load arrestor and how does it work? 

A load arrestor is a safety device designed to stop the fall of heavy loads. It activates when a sudden drop is detected, halting the descent to prevent accidents. 

What are the typical applications of load arrestors? 

Load arrestors are used in industries like construction, manufacturing, and logistics to protect against falling loads during hoisting, lifting, and material handling operations. 

How often should load arrestors be inspected and maintained?

Load arrestors should be inspected before each use and undergo regular maintenance as per the manufacturers guidelines to ensure optimal performance and safety compliance. 


Here at Safety Harness Direct, the load arrestors we stock are from top safety manufacturers like Kratos. Choose from 300kg or 500kg load arrestors to suit the job at hand.

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